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Meetings & Events Team

Meetings & Events team

The team is comprised of a dedicated Account Management team, an experienced Event Management team who will work with you on every step of the event planning process and the versatile Group Bar Bookings Team who can look after those groups who want something a little less structured and prefer a reserved area in a bar.

The specialist group of account managers understand the needs for your industry sector. If you're not sure who your account manager is, see below and of course connect with us through LinkedIn. For any enquiries, please email us at [email protected].

Our professional operations team and innovative chefs will ensure your event delivers and exceeds all expectations.

Tessa Gallagher

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Advertising / PR
Marketing / Communications
Media / Publishing
Arts / Entertainment
Beauty / Fashion
Food / Beverage / Tobacco

Michelle Moore

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Construction / Engineering
Architecture / Landscape
Real Estate / Property
Chambers of Commerce
Legal Firms
Environment / Mining / Utilities
Recruitment /HR

Emma Barr

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Event Services
Travel / Tour Operators
Tourism Bureaus & Associations
Hotels / Resorts
Pharma / Medical / Health
Transport / Logistics

Emma Woods

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Accountancy / Auditing / Actuaries
Banking / Finance / Investment
Insurance / Superannuation
Management / Professional Consultancy

Katherine Nolan

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Private Parties
Dating / Social Clubs
Sport / Clubs / Gaming